Webster needs a facelift!

Humbling Blocks: Those moments in our climb that take us out of control and mess with our plan.

Let Your Color Out: Acknowledging and accepting one’s quirks, then giving them expression.

Munay: Nourishing, all-encompassing love.

Perfect on Paper: Just that!

Processing Partner: That person you can be totally raw with and still feel loved.

Selfish: (A good word made bad) Learning to be more like yourself.

“They”: Collective Consciousness; Society; them, everybody…family and friends.

Type A: An accomplished, over-achieving, accolade- driven, competitive, and ambitious personality.

Underground Kindness: (Lindy’s non-profit) A quiet movement to bring balance to Public Education by presenting Compassionists in the classrooms, and introducing stress management tools, mindfulness techniques and unconditional acceptance to our Youngers.

Walk of Grace: That place of divine alignment where you accept all that is.