Ignite, Empower, and Enliven

Everybody’s circumstances are so unique and personal. This is why retreats are evolved through consultation. These retreats serve as an incubator to restore you to optimum health. 

Half Day | Workshops


One | Day Retreats

These one-day retreats with me will allow you to explore new ideas and hone and tone your grace. Our Unwind the Mind retreat promotes healing, inspires how to live a full-color life, and recognizes that clarity and creativity arrive in this space. 

Week/Month | ReTREAT

Our Zen Den serves as an incubator as you reconnect with your healthiest self. Enjoy sunrise yoga, hiking, a relaxing afternoon in the garden, and restorative yoga to wind down the day. A week of this will cleanse not only your body and your mind, but it will also rest your nervous system and overall health.  

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