Join us monthly for unique retreats co-presented with experts from all around. Together we will learn the secrets of plant magic, restructure core beliefs, build trust in the guide inside, embrace our spiritual side, hatch a health and happiness plan, and more! 

Luxury Yoga

Restorative Reset | Yoga is an empowering practice that allows us to connect to the flow of Grace, inviting you into the body and mind. I offer sessions either in your home or at our studio in Sandpoint, ID.


These month-long guides will prompt you to Unwind the Mind and Bring It Yin as you reflect on your thoughts and emotions ignited by my prompts. Designed to be downloaded, printed, and marked up in the comfort of your own sacred space.  

Find these and more on my shop page:

  • Stress Management | Nurture the Nervous System
  •  Goal Setting + Expectations | Who Are ‘They’ Anyway
  • Self Acceptance | Being Gets Lost in Becoming


I will work with you through my guided intensive workshops. These workshops are designed to give you space to create your own journey with the option to meet with me virtually or in person to help you trust the Guide Inside.

  • The 12 Step Program | A Guide to the Alpha Game
  • The Alpha Academy
  • Alone Not Lonely 
  • The Alpha-Preneur

Speaking Engagements

Want to amplify your next event with a professional speaker? Speaking engagements take me to some of the most fascinating places, from boardrooms to classrooms. Each event is tailored to the audience with specific goals in mind. That means we have a specific topic to explore, along with action items that will deepen our understanding. I work to make my talks engaging, interactive and authentic.

Below are topics that I specialize in teaching.  If you don’t see the topic you’d like presented, add it to the “comments” section in the form below and let me know what you’re looking for.

Past Speaking Session Topics:

  • Controlling the Conversations in Your Head
  • Morphing the Alpha Epidemic
  • Learn What You Need to Unlearn
  • How Progress Not Perfection Leads to Greater Achievements
  • Get Out of the Alpha to Get Into the Alpha
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Teachers Need Teachers Too | Consulting and Strategist

Identify blocks and barriers that keep you from celebrating your amazing YOUnique self. Not only will you find yourself accepting quirks, but you will also discover how empowering it is to fully embrace and own them. Throughout the process, we will Guide Your Grace to live authentically. I will provide you support and tools for your transformation. 

Below are a number of different consulting options that I offer. Work with me to find the best fit for you. 

Consulting Options:

  • One on One
  • Group 
  • Family
  • Non Profit Startup 
  • Write Your Book

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