I have spent years training for this moment in time, focusing on living my most creative, colorful self, full of gratitude and inspiration. My exclusive retreats, one-on-one coaching, health workshops, and book series, will inspire authenticity and well-being as you embrace your wisdom within and become your own best friend. If you are uncertain about the future, exhausted, and losing hope, join me in the Walk of Grace as you step fully into life, transforming your health, your relationships, and your home life. 


With my one-day, three-day, and week-long retreats there is the right choice of time and space for everyone to live with intention and purpose. Allow yourself the opportunity to believe in progress, not perfection. 

Workshops + Workbooks

Begin your journey on your own or with me and a sacred group now by browsing my downloadable workbooks, month-long guides to guide you through your focus of the month, and my workable workshops, online and in-person workshops using my ah-ha moments to allow you to connect with your true and best self. 

Speaking + Coaching

Speaking engagements take me to some of the most fascinating places, from boardrooms to classrooms. Each event is tailored to the audience with specific goals in mind. Through coaching, I will help you identify the things that make you amazing and YOUnique. My coaching programs are also tailored to you with your specific goals in mind.


Join us on May 22nd for the Secrets of Plant Magic with Kelly Costello. 

Owner of Authentic Botanicals, Kelly Costello brings her expertise of plant medicine to beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. Kelly is dedicated to helping others help themselves through the power of plant-based medicine. Kelly will break down the components of plant-based products and share the power of each ingredient so that you leave feeling equipped to make educated decisions about your personal health. 

Join me on Sunday evenings in a restorative reset for your mind and body.

Start your upcoming week with a clear soul and open heart by practicing with me on Sunday evenings, 4 PM – 6 PM. I will instruct you through a 90 minute Yoga Medicine certified restorative practice at my studio in Sandpoint, Idaho. Followed by a soothing and lengthy vinyasa period. If you would like to participate virtually please reach out to me. I hope to see you on your mats soon. 

Join Me in the Walk of Grace

Less like a newsletter, more like an encouraging friend, holding space for the good, the bad, and the woo-woo.


Take the First Step

You never know what is going to spark your ah-ha moment. Maybe it’s through words that sound familiar. Maybe it’s through in-person instruction. Maybe you need prompts and a quiet space to do the thinking on your own. Explore all options now.