Walk with Intention and Integrity

I’m a Recovering Alpha Female who journeyed to the top of the corporate mountain only to find that I didn’t have the time or energy to enjoy the view. Through a series of humbling blocks that came in the form of a divorce, a debilitating injury, and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I came to realize that even though I could do it all, maybe I shouldn’t.

What followed was a journey to acceptance and an understanding that my health was about more than following doctors’ orders. Today I make a point to walk with intention and integrity. I’m an author, an empowerment speaker, and a catalyst for other women who are ready to start listening to the whispers of their own hearts.

I’m hoping to inspire Youngers to the realization that being everything to everyone, at all times, is empty, and the only way to get on purpose and find happiness is through this journey of discovery and self acceptance.

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