Woo-Woo is Not Coo-Coo

Woo-Woo is the crazy stuff that works! The body and mind are interconnected, so caring for one has a positive effect on the other. Give the woo-woo stuff a chance, such as taking a yoga class, getting acupuncture or working with a shaman. Don’t be so cynical of the alternative healing modalities that have been around for millenniums. The body, and nature at large, was designed to take care of itself…

When we take time in the morning to stretch and feel what parts of our body are sore or tight then we can spend a few moments to breathe into that area and allow movement into the body in areas that may not get enough attention. Take this a step further and do yoga with the sunrise or light some sage to clear the energy in the room before the beginning of a busy day.

Some may discourage this type of healing as they are firm believers in western medicine (pills, surgery, etc.) and there is nothing wrong with this! The point is to give the woo-woo stuff a chance. And so what? So what if it’s not real. There’s always something to learn from the experience. The great part about woo-woo healing is that it won’t hurt you. You can go get your energy cleared and it won’t hurt or you can stand barefoot in the grass and it won’t make you sick. Take a chance on the crazy stuff, it just might work!

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