Who Are THEY Anyway?

“They” are the volunteer committees, religious service, the co-workers, extended family. Really, who are the “They” in your life that you base your worth and decisions on?

When we seek external validation we turn to the “They” in our lives. However, they deplete our energy and offer a dangerous comparative narrative. For a long time I was so focused on pleasing the “They” that I began to lose a sense of who I truly was. I put all of my energy into making home improvements, and pushing my kids to be the best academically and go to sushi with the ladies! So much work and not enough time to love myself just for who I am and what I have to offer to the world rather than what I can contribute to the PTA luncheon. Self-doubt so often stems from the “They” in your life and it begins to dominate over your authentic voice.  Instead of seeking outward approval, turn to your own conscience and give yourself the Grace to Be the Black Sheep as you begin to explore ideas beyond conventional thinking and conditioning that might better serve your spirit.

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