This is an Alpha Female

There may be other definitions of the Alpha Female out there, but these are the words and traits I use. If you find that this depiction resonates with your soul, or that your spirit feels hopeful, then please read on, as my book was meant to find you. Join me in the journey to become a Recovering Alpha Female. It’s not an easy process, no transformation ever is, but the freedom it will bring you is worth it.

Working toward balance and what I like to call my Place of Grace can stir up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. In fact, part of the reason for the Alpha Female lifestyle is to remain too busy to have to acknowledge, let alone deal with, these often difficult and conflicting feelings in the first place.

When you boil it down, the Alpha Female bases her self-worth and acceptance on being valued by others. Whether she tries to gain it through external rewards and awards, by overworking herself for others’ benefit in an attempt to prove her worth, or by relentlessly driving herself to perfection; she is all about gaining acceptance through productivity and contribution. She is all about “doing.”

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