Manage Your Own Stuff

Sometimes the Alpha Female may find herself trying to control and manage those around her. It is our condition to want to solves others’ dilemmas, even to drive others’ thinking. When it comes to any kind of drama, it’s so tempting to limit and attempt to direct other people’s thinking. We want to be in charge, to fix things in our family, at work, and in social situations.

Our colors are vibrant and we tend to push them onto others instead of letting them parade on their own. This may seem efficient in creating a picture perfect life but operating from this place of control and judgement is simply not authentic. Its so easy for me as a public speaker to tell people that they need to do this or that, rest, meditate, etc. but maybe I’m not taking my own advice and doing daily yoga moves. Before I can really inspire others to be their best self I must first manage my own stuff and get on the better than plan with my own practices and then I can reach out and give genuine advice.

The Recovering Alpha female strives to accept others for who they are and to meet them where they are in their own journeys. She remains YOU-nique by encouraging rather than by imposing force. When you manage your own stuff, you are able to act with integrity and grace. That is when you find yourself extending that grace to others and therefore honoring it in yourself as well. You allow others to display their own colors so they can be fully themselves. Managing your own stuff gives the people around you permission to be honest and have the heart conversations with themselves.

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