Magik in the Moment

How often do you go for a walk and not even notice the movement of your feet or the muscles in your legs working or the birds overhead or the wonderful crisp breeze? How often do you simply go for a jog for the exercise without taking in all of the magical elements of the moment. The beauty of this ah-ha is that it gives us permission to let life unfold as we live in the magik of each moment.

When we are fully in the moment, we come from a place where we accept that there is so much we do not know or understand, and it can cause an immense sense of wonder. To be present to whatever you’re doing, rather than worrying about what you need to do next, means it’s suddenly possible to just bathe in the small nuances. We get to spend a small time in a quiet place where everything is magic and miracles. Most of us can’t justify living in this state all the time, but the rarity with which we visit it is a cause for concern. As a Recovering Alphaholic we need to grant ourselves the grace to be still, get quiet, and take this opportunity to go deeper with our thinking, expanding our patience and perception. The world is a very curious place and as we take the time to get to know it we may become more authentic in our relationship with the world around us.

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