Look Up to Your Youngers

Without doubt I can tell you that there has been no better, more challenging, or more profound teacher in life than my three children. Children are innately intuitive and so connected to their authentic selves. They are so pure, innocent and honest. Let’s learn from them and use their

youthful wisdom as a guide to living more gracefully and authentically. While elders have the opportunity to learn many things through their longer lifetimes, children have something different to offer because they have not yet unlearned many things. As we grow up and are conditioned by family systems, indoctrinated into religions and political beliefs, and molded to fit societal norms, we necessarily leave behind childish notions. Looking up to our Youngers means getting the opportunity to celebrate that what we once knew before  we unlearned it to fit into society better. Not only can we appreciate their YOU-nique and authentic qualities but we can also appreciate the forgiveness that they offer us as they become witnesses of our transformation process and all the ups and downs that the journey entails. There is so much innocent wisdom in our youth. When I realized the importance of looking up to my Youngers I made myself someone more worthy of looking up to as well.

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