Learn Why Quirks Make You Colorful

Quirks are those little things that make you a little different from everyone else, your particular behavioral habits. Initially, we look at our quirks and judge them harshly. What’s your biggest quirk that makes you feel like you’re a total weirdo? Maybe you find humor in awkward situations or you dance off rhythm or maybe you fidget when you’re nervous…

These can all be awkward or embarrassing, maybe make you feel like an outcast. This is where we allow Grace to take over as we hold space for our colors. Your quirks are what make up your YOU-nique nature, they make you colorful! Knowing the reason behind your quirks may be interesting to be curious about but it isn’t as important as celebrating them. It’s common for us (or others) to label our quirks as flaws or negative. Stepping into grace gives us the opportunity to reevaluate how we view them. The idea is that once you recognize your quirks for what they are, it becomes far easier to own them and to move from judgment to acceptance. It becomes one of your YOU-nique qualities. Permission granted: color it up!

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