Hold Space

The concept of “holding space” may take some grappling in order to understand but it is a huge component on the journey to becoming a Recovering Alpha Female. Holding space means honoring your transformative process. It teaches you to reflect, instead of react which will lead you to

be a lot nicer to “her” as you become curious rather than judgmental about yourself. In order to start holding space for yourself tell yourself that it’s OK. It’s OK to put your energy towards uncovering your authentic self and its OK to be nervous or frightened by what you might find in yourself. As we begin to allow ourselves to receive the gift of unconditional acceptance we will naturally pay this forward to others. We do this by listening with empathy, withholding judgement, and emotionally connecting to another. Holding space allows others to show their true colors and authentic nature and feel safe to do so without being judged. This is a gift that you can offer others, but above all, offer it to yourself for not being perfect. For the incongruencies in our thinking, hold space and allow your quirks to become your colors. As you become a safe zone for yourself you will naturally have this grace for others. Holding space means honoring your transformation process and teaches you to reflect instead of react.

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