Go Go Go Alpha Overdrive

The Alpha female kicks ass. She’s charismatic and charming and knows how to put together a step-by-step plan to make things happen. These are amazing qualities, and someone blessed with these abilities should get to enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with doing a job and doing it well. Like all things, however, these qualities require balance.

Going too far in any direction pulls us away from the middle road. Alphaholics are ready to go, go, go, and we send ourselves into overdrive which ends in the unhealthy place of constriction and dis-ease. When in alpha overdrive we are doing a lot but not really getting a lot done for our own well-being. When you do find yourself in overdrive, it’s time to do some evaluation. First of all, you need to determine if it’s helping or hindering. Go back to your heart whispers. What are your intentions? Are you coming from a place of grace? Does it feel good or are they merely forced? It’s a good idea to take this step back for evaluation because even though it’s sometimes necessary to armor the Alpha, this act can trigger a chain reaction that leads us right into Alpha overdrive. The next thing you know, you’re back to worrying about what They will think and you miss out on true authentic connections in a mad dash to be everything to everyone. This is the time to take a break and replenish your internal fortitude. You could even start with something as simple as lying in the grass or getting a massage to Zenter yourself. To Zenter is to bring yourself back into balance, to plug into your authentic self and recharge. Give yourself the well-earned opportunity to revitalize.

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