Get Out of Your Own Way

So often we are moving, shaking and attempting to make so much happen that we actually get in our own way of making any progress in our own well-being both physically and mentally. Get out of your own way and allow yourself the space to nourish your spirit and grow. We are honoring our Alpha Female by appreciating everything that she has done for us…

The new challenge, however, is to allow things to naturally unfold rather than forcing them into being. It’s all about letting things come to you and being okay with that, allowing ease and grace in your life. In order to get out of your own way the two aspects of yourself must make peace with eachother. The Alpha Female that has gotten you this far, and then your authentic, graceful, Recovering Alpha Female (RAF) side that will carry you forward. It is not within your power to control who appreciates and accepts you so there is no need to force energy there. Instead, it is my place to release my knowledge and compassion into the world and let the Universe take care of the rest.

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