Forget the Fairytale

Every disney movie has us all living happily ever after in fairytale land. We start to form these visions of sugar plum fairies and prince charming at a very young age. This ah-ha is to mix up that thinking, to live in the moment and discover what might really serve your authentic self and serve your spirit…

It is totally ok to dream of The Fairytale but in order to actually create it we must participate in it. If there are things that you want in life put them on your radar. The idea is to have a vision of what you want without being hopelessly attached to getting it. Forget the Fairytale doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in or look forward to something bigger and more suitable. What it does mean is that you must lead your life in a way that makes the fairytale possible! Hold space for your personal Fairytale to be YOU-nique and tailored to what you truly want rather than what They think your Fairytale future should be. It is a personalized plan to keep you on your path of Grace.

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