Find Someone As Normal As You

When you begin to hear and speak your own truth, you may find that you naturally start to withdraw from others and feel that you don’t fit in with any group. Even if the people around you don’t change the way that you interact with them will. Some relationships will fall away…

but this isn’t the end of the world. Cherish the good times and carry those memories with you into the future as the gift that they were. As you devote yourself to being kinder you will find that similar people will gravitate towards you and become your tribe. Your tribe are those YOU-nique people in your life that feel good to be around. You don’t feel stress, pressure, judgement competition or any of those negative relationship qualities. Find the people in your life that support your journey, love you through the good, bad and ugly. Your tribe might be small, but remember it is mighty. Once external acceptance becomes less important your tribe will show up in full color.

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