Feng Shui Your Day

When you go into Alpha Recovery, it’s time to admit that you can’t- or shouldn’t do it all. The Alpha Female strives to do things that are just a shade short of impossible. She clutters her life with tasks and an idea of perfection. If you are trying for perfection you will never reach your goal, thus never feeling accomplished. Pursuit of perfection sets you up for failure! This is why I say progress, not perfection.

Feng Shui Your Day is about how to make this progress in a meaningful way. Its about doing one small thing each day that brings order to your life and gives you that personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. This can be touching up marks on your wall or organizing a junk drawer. I know that as an Alpha you probably don’t have a lot of extra time to do these little tasks but, again, its about progress and doing a little bit at a time to slowly shift your life. One very impactful Feng Shui that I made one day was purchasing colorful pens that I call my “Happy Pens” and I take them everywhere and everything that I write is colorful and it makes me so happy. A little Feng Shui has the potential to go a really long way.

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