Chuck the Checklist

Stop “shoulding” all over everything. “I should go workout, I shouldn’t eat these crackers, I should be a better parent.” This checklist is not productive towards your heart-call. It is merely filled with a bunch of tasks that distract us from conquering our demons and calling forth our authentic self.

This applies towards the checklist that you give yourself as well as the ones that you assign to other people. A checklist for someone else is an expectation, and as I say, “Expectation is resentment in the making”. Instead of creating checklists or standards for other people to reach, check yourself out and begin managing your own stuff. You can do this by chucking the checklist of tasks and far-fetched aspirations and instead, choose a checklist which works towards your vision and benefits your growth process. I’m not saying that it isn’t helpful to have a checklist, my point is to make sure that you weave things in there to nurture your spirit, as well as accomplishing external checkmarks.

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