Be YOU-nique

Being YOU-nique means celebrating your authentic self, appreciating your true nature. We often give ourselves standards that are black and white based on what we have been taught growing up. We assume that we know what is right and wrong, normal or coo-coo. However, if you allow yourself to be not so black and white, if you let your colors come through your life…

your ideas about your life will shift to allow more colors in, thus more authentic and honest relationships with self and others. This discussion is about are you performing for the external world or are you feeding your soul and spirit? When you perform for the They in your life you are only able to shine as bright as They allow or fuel. If I am doing something that I “should” or that They say is right, I notice and make corrections. Just as we redefined the word “unique” it is also a good idea to look at our own definition of the word “right” as a part of this process of awakening. Embracing your YOU-nique nature may lead to some uncomfortable moments as you begin to talk and think in a new language. You are expressing your truth for the first time in years and it may seem forward and awkward. However, expressing yourself- verbally, through art, with our actions, etc.- is the only way that we have to display our feelings to others. To embrace this is to embrace your own YOU-niqueness. It is a method for giving yourself the Grace required to explore your own gifts, claim them as your own, and walk away from whatever doesn’t serve you. Coming from this authentic places allows you to reflect rather than react and gives you the ability to inspire grace and love for yourself which will naturally ripple out to others.

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