Are You Stuck in the Muck?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could create more joy in daily life? How is it that we often feel like our particular lives are holding us back from doing just that? We are so busy flitting from one item to the next on the to-do list (driving from a doctor’s appointment to a soccer game and ending the night in homework) that we forget to weigh the value of those tasks. Being busy isn’t an accomplishment, and it doesn’t make life more meaningful…

It’s the tasks we choose to busy ourselves with that give it purpose, thus choosing your checklist. Not only do these kinds of busy distractions bring feelings of dis-ease, but they also serve an even more sinister purpose: they steal your time and focus from the purposeful and fulfilling actions you could be taking instead.Instead of manifesting your dreams, you’re stuck serving distraction for the external. This is the muck that consumes and distracts us from living on purpose. It’s time to clean the muck out of our lives. It causes sabotaging belief systems, self-doubt, and a panic response that tosses you right back into your old Alpha driven to distraction mindset. So, what is your muck? What is busying your mind and your body and keeping you from living your best self? When we are driven to fear (of failure, embarrassment, judgment, criticism, etc.), we end up filling our lives with muck. However, when there is a goal, a dream, or a passion that you know is worthwhile, then it’s imperative to get out of the muck. It’s time to put your faith forward to live with authenticity to fulfill your true purpose. When we are so distracted by the checklist, meetings, appointments, and family we create our own chaos which keeps us stuck. Take three things off your to-do list today. Find the joy of missing out (JOMO).

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