The Alpha Alchemy: Book 3

The Alpha Alchemy

Grounded in Grace
By Lindy Lewis

Across the world, overwhelmed women are recognizing that there must be an alternative to being all things at all times to all people. Through self acceptance they are now realizing that it simply isn’t sustainable, or necessary, to live their lives in Alpha Overdrive. Instead, they’ve heeded the advice of author, speaker, and self-health catalyst Lindy Lewis as she shares hard-won insights that encourage women to slow down and embark on their own journey into Grace.

The Alpha Alchemy introduces seventeen new Ah-ha’s for the exhausted, overwhelmed, and over diagnosed Alpha-holic. With a focus on Self-Health and Grace, the techniques shared in these pages provide a roadmap for nurturing oneself through Progress not Perfection, and by Bringing it YIN. With these tips, tricks, and tools, readers learn how to get out of the Victim Vortex, jump on the Better Than Plan, and Faith It ‘til You Make It until they find themselves Ready to Radiate.

"The Inspiring Grace Trilogy has been like a girlfriend sitting on my shoulder whispering "can do's" and personal kudos in me ear. It takes away the need for external appreciation and brings the grace and support inwards. I am so grateful to heave learned about myself and my feminine strength through this series."