Lindy: Recovering Alpha Female: Book 1

Lindy: Recovering Alpha Female

Inspiring Grace and Self Acceptance in the Mind and Body
By Lindy Lewis

The Alpha Female is driven to perfection in all areas of her life—family, marriage, work, home, and everything in between. She has a Type A personality and thrives on external validation.

This empowering personal development book is an encouraging collection of realizations that offers a very simple approach to stepping fully into life. Each provides important insight in the form of ah-ha moments that encourage you to embrace the colorful gifts that make you YOU-nique.

Join Lindy as she takes you on a journey that will excite and inspire you to trust your intuition, listen to your heart whispers, and surrender to a walk of Grace.

"This is a very valuable and readable book. It will be life-changing to those who take its message to heart and practice the Ah-Ha suggestions Lindy shares."
Dr. Foster Cline
Author of Parenting with Love and Logic
I would recommend buying this for yourself, your mother, and your girlfriends, and adding this to the top of your reading list. It's a quick read, but every chapter is worth it's weight in gold. Even if you think you have everything in control and your life is great, it's still worth reading because what it does is helps you define your priorities and introspect. It is inspirational, deep, and powerful, and it helps you find fulfillment in your own personal journey. It teaches you to hold space for yourself and experience things in an authentic and very real way.
Emerald Dumas
Graphic Designer
"This book just makes me feel better."
Cia Sophia
“I loved it. It is very real, combining humor with true encouragement. It provides a take-away that people will easily remember and be able to instill in their own lives.”
Lerria Schuh
VP Westcoast Entertainment
"This book is applicable to women of all ages. Whatever walk of life you may find yourself in this book will light the way to better inner balance and understanding. I hope that Lindy's wise and vulnerable insights can reach and guide many young women so that they can live a fuller life without having to endure the painful lessons that she did."
Ashley Alexander