Inspiring Grace in the mind and body, Lindy Lewis, published author of two books, continues to champion the cause of radical unconditional self acceptance.

She does this through teaching and speaking in high schools, a juvenile justice center, and youth homes. In addition she is a self health specialist, offering health coaching to newly diagnosed autoimmune disease patients, and facilitating equinox yoga medicine retreats.

Through her book series the Recovering Alpha Female, her nonprofit Underground Kindness, and her yoga retreats, she continues to be a catalyst for kindness and compassion for the mind, body and spirit. She is a certified Yoga Medicine Specialist, full Mesa Carrier and Core Belief Practitioner.

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“When you’re good to yourself you’re good to others, it’s a simple as that.”



The Recovering Alpha Female

Inspiring Grace and Self Acceptance in the Mind and Body
By Lindy Lewis | 116 Pages

Published by Balboa Press on October 1, 2015

The Alpha Female is driven to perfection in all areas of her life—family, marriage, work, home, and everything in between. She has a Type A personality and thrives on external validation.

This empowering personal development book is an encouraging collection of realizations aka “ah-ha moments” that offers a very simple approach to stepping fully into life. Each provides important insight in the form of ah-ha moments that encourage you to embrace the colorful gifts that make you YOU-nique.

Join Lindy as she takes you on a journey that will excite and inspire you to trust your intuition, listen to your heart whispers, and surrender to a walk of Grace.

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Lindy Lewis
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“As we learn to offer ourselves kindness and compassion, it naturally ripples out into our homes, our families, and our communities. Join me on the 500-Year-Plan.” -Lindy Lewis




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