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Meet the Author

Lindy Lewis

Hello my name is Lindy Lewis!

I strive to Inspire Grace as an author, a health coach, an advocate for the body, and authenticity speaker. Above all, I offer myself as a catalyst for kindness. Through my work, I encourage recovering humans to seek Grace in the mind and the body.

Though the idea was hatched nearly 10 years ago I finally founded my company in 2015, as a means to inspire Type-A women—those we identify as Alpha Females—to start the journey of softening into a new Walk of Grace that includes unconditional self-acceptance. Soft doesn’t mean weak, however, and I will not shy away from telling the truth, whether it’s about my own humbling experiences or what you need to address in your own personal journey.

I want to help other women uncover the aspects of themselves that years of distraction and ‘productivity’ have stuffed.” -Lindy

Through writing, coaching, and speaking engagements, I offer insight into the skills people need to treat themselves with love and trust. Sometimes the journey is messy, as proven by my own Ah-Ha moments and realizations; but I no longer hold myself back and squelch my spirit to stay within a predefined box. I look forward to helping you find this place of emotional peace, balance, and acceptance within yourself, too.

As we learn to offer ourselves kindness and compassion, it naturally ripples out into our homes, our families, and our communities. Join me on the 500-Year Plan,” Lindy shares.


My speaking events are designed to encourage awareness while offering participants the support they need to question the “conditioned” beliefs that impose unnecessary limitations. You will find yourself encouraged to step fully into life with a new awareness.

Learn About Lindy’s Non-profit

The non-profit, Underground Kindness, was founded as a means to facilitate a shift towards Grace in public schools. We bring Compassionists into classrooms to introduce concepts such as stress management tools, mindfulness techniques, and unconditional acceptance of self and others. As students embrace the message of honoring and celebrating their YOUniqueness, they participate in a pay-it-forward movement that exponentially increases the efforts of this movement. The program has made an incredible impact on students, teachers, parents, and the community.

You can learn more by visiting, and can become part of a legacy that will last for generations by making a financial contribution here.

Non-profit Startup Consulting

Individual coaching sessions are personalized for each and every client to hatch a strategy and game plan to link or launch your own nonprofit. Sessions and classes might include a combination of:

Mapping out blueprint

Creativity and strategy

Donor relationships

Media partners

Championing your cause



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