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Are you a Type-A woman? Do you thrive on external appreciation, recognition, and accomplishments? Is “perfect” a word that others think describes your life, marriage, kids, schedule, house, hair, body, and so on? Despite feeling a sense of value from projecting an image of having it all together, do you still question your path in life? If so, you may just be an Alpha Female.


Retreat Packages:

Equinox Retreat coming 2017.

To live with intention and purpose, you must allow patience with yourself and the opportunity for progress rather than perfection. I offer packages because it provides a span of time during which insights and application can be explored and reinforced. While 1-3 sessions is a great way to ignite change, 3-6 months of working together really provides a foundation for transformation, along with the opportunity for change to truly take root.


Creativity Coaching:

Through Creativity Coaching, I will help you identify the things that make you amazing and YOUnique. Not only will you find yourself accepting your quirks, but you’ll also discover how empowering it is to turn them into colors and let them out into the world. Throughout the process, we will flesh out your understanding of what it means to live authentically, and I will provide support throughout your transformation.


Empowerment Speaking:

Speaking engagements take me to some of the most fascinating places, from boardrooms to classrooms. Each event is tailored to the audience with specific goals in mind. That means we have a specific topic to explore, along with action items that will deepen our understanding. I work to make my talks engaging, inspiring, and real. Some of the topics I offer include:
· Go with Your Gut
· Forget “The Fairytale”
· Quirks Make You Colorful
· I Worry that I Worry Too Much
· Who Are “They” Anyway?
· Find Someone As Normal As You
· The Alpha Epidemic


Who are ‘They’ Anyway– When we seek external validation we turn to the “They” in our lives. However, they deplete our energy and offer a dangerous comparative narrative. Turn to your own conscience and give yourself the Grace to be the Black Sheep as you begin to explore ideas beyond conventional thinking and conditioning that might better serve your spirit.


Your Health is Your Wealth- A good friend and guru of mine once said “Listen to your body’s whispers before you hear it scream.” We should be taking this advice every single day. When you get up and you are sore, stretch. Exercise because you love what your body does for you, not because you’re ashamed of it. Eat well to nourish yourself as you journey through each day. Your health is the positive connection between mind and body, as we take care of our thoughts it reflects in our physical health. Taking time to nurture your spirit is as important as taking time to care for your physical being.


Let Your Color Out– We often give ourselves standards that are black and white based on what we have been taught growing up. We assume that we know what is right and wrong, normal or coo-coo. However, if you allow yourself to be not so black and white, if you let your colors come through your life and idea about your life will shift to allow more colors in, thus more authentic and honest relationships with self and others. Be Younique! This discussion is about are you performing for the external world or are you feeding your soul and spirit”?
Hold Space– Holding space allows others to show their true colors and authentic nature and feel safe to do so without being judged. This is a gift that you can offer others, but above all, offer it to yourself for not being perfect. Remember, progress not perfection.  For the incongruencies in our thinking, hold space and allow your quirks to become your colors. Holding space means honoring your transformation process and teaches you to reflect instead of react.


Private & Partner Yoga:

Yoga is an empowering practice that allows us to connect to the flow of Grace, inviting it into the body and the mind. I offer sessions either in your home or at our studio in Sandpoint, Idaho.


Underground Kindness:

As a nonprofit organization, Underground Kindness was conceived and built as a way to guide a shift in the experience of public school children. Individuals referred to as Compassionists* bring their insights directly into the classroom to introduce students to stress management, mindfulness, and unconditional acceptance. Learn more or sign your school ups at

* Compassionists are professionals, experts and teachers from the community who present in existing classrooms, sharing their knowledge and life experience to inspire and offer students practical tools and techniques for intentional living.

Sign your school up.

Please join us at Shangri La at the lakeLet Your Color Out is proud to support Underground Kindness at their annual fundraiser, Shangri La at the Lake. Please join us July 14 for live music, dinner, and dancing on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille.


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